When and How to Photograph Horsetail Falls

Michael Frye's Essential Yosemite Book

Michael Frye’s essential Yosemite book

I have had a few emails sent to me asking when and how to photograph Horsetail Falls and I will tell you in two words, Michael Frye. I am nowhere near a professional on this fire “event” that takes place in Yosemite National Park during the mid weeks of February but Michael is. It is very difficult to get a picture of, you need the right lighting conditions, water flow from the fall and being in the right position. Michael can answer all of these for you.

On my most recent visit to Yosemite, I went with another talented photographer that made this trip great. We both enjoy photography and both follow Michael’s work and had the pleasure of meeting up with him and his wife. Not only does he know all there is to know about Horsetail Falls; him and his wife are really nice people. They live near Yosemite too so if you want to know about current conditions of Horsetail Falls and when is the best time to photograph it check out his blog and purchase his book The Photographer’s Guide to Yosemite.

That’s my advice to all of you that want to capture the special “event” in Yosemite.

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