Tim Conway Returns as Dorf on iSpotSanta.com


Dorf with his stocking for iSpotSanta

Tim Conway’s lovable Dorf (Dorf on Golf & Dorf Goes Fishing) is back on iSpotSanta.com for his fourth year. Dorf is going to help spread the joy of Christmas and to see if he can get Santa Claus to fill up a bigger stocking of his, a four foot stocking! Dorf always seems to get himself into trouble as he stumbles through three all new comedy sketches co-written with Tim Conway, produced and directed by me. Tim Conway is known as one of the funniest men in Hollywood and we are lucky to have him share the spirit of Christmas with us.

“I sit with my granddaughters every Christmas Eve and we watch each Santa sighting as iSpotSanta tracks him,” said Conway. “It’s a great way to spend time with the family and rekindle that Christmas feeling we had as kids.”

Tim and I both hope you enjoy the first of three comedy sketches of “Dorf Wants a Bigger Stocking” on iSpotSanta.com.

The Great Tim Conway as Dorf for iSpotSanta.com

The great Tim Conway as Dorf for iSpotSanta

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