Santa Claus Tracker and Map

As Christmas Eve gets closer the Santa Spotters at iSpotSanta get prepared for Santa Claus’s joyous sleigh ride on Christmas Eve. Join iSpotSanta on Christmas Eve as they track Santa Claus all over the world with their state of the art Santa Tracker! They have satellites on every continent and Santa Spotters all over the world with their eyes to the skies looking for Santa.

Santa Claus Tracker and Pathfiner for 2011

Santa Claus Tracker and Pathfiner

Once they get a sighting iSpotSanta is notified and we place the sighting on our Santa Tracker so you know exactly where he is. When videos or pictures are captured we place it on our website and you can view them there.

iSpotSanta is filled with something for everyone and this Christmas Eve join us as we keep you posted on Santa’s sleigh ride!

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  1. I am doing this with my kids right now, it’s fun tracking Santa Claus. My kids really like the puppets.

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