National Park Postcards


My postcards at the Sequoias NP

I love the National Parks System even though I was a late bloomer to them, the first National Park I ever went to was when I was in college. I look back and wished I went to some of these parks when I was younger but traveling wasn’t something my family did. There was many trips they took me on but left me to find my way home. They moved a few times by the time I found my home too.

I am fortunate that I have embraced the National Parks since then and more strongly these last few years. I enjoy stamping my National Passports book and more importantly taking photos and videos of the parks. I was asked earlier this year to donate some of my photos as postcards to the gift shops of the parks that I have photographed these last few years. There is something about collection postcards when you go on trips that help you remember and share all the good times at your destination. I collect postcards at every park I go to and I hope you do the same.

All proceeds of these postcards go to the National Park where you purchase the postcard, each card comes with tips on the back telling you where and how I got the photograph. When you are at the parks look for the So Wrong But Funny logo on the back of the card and you will know it’s mine. Thank you for supporting our National Parks system.

Here are a few of the parks you will find the postcards at:

Yosemite National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

And many more…

It is a collection of 24 postcards, only two of them have good photos on them, the rest are sub pair. 🙂


One of my favorite postcards I donated, Frozen in Time

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  1. Just picked up one of your postcards at Yosemite on a visit with my wife and kids. Sent it over to my parents and loved your tip on the back on where to take your photo.

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  3. Just came back from Zion and loved your postcards, I got some great shots with your notes. Thank you.

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