Chip & Bernie’s All New iSpotSanta Sketch


Chip & Bernie for iSpotSanta

Chip & Bernie are back to help the team at in their all new comedy sketch, “Chip & Bernie Save Christmas.” One of four comedy sketches written, produced and directed by myself for my favorite Christmas website This year the Santa Hunting Buddies received a letter from Santa Claus asking for help to find his magical hat. Without Santa’s magical hat he cannot make magic and slow down time to fly all around the world and deliver his Christmas presents.

Will Chip & Bernie be able to find Santa’s Magical hat?

Will Chip & Bernie be able to save Christmas?

Let’s find out together by watching their hilarious new sketch on


Santa and his magical hat

5 Comments on “Chip & Bernie’s All New iSpotSanta Sketch”

  1. You two are very funny together, you can tell that they really love each other despite their funny, painful jokes.

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