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Chip & Bernie’s Zomance is ready to take over the world of comedy zombie films and we highlight this with the launch of our website In today’s independent film market you must have a website to promote your film to film festivals and our newest feature film is ready.


Official poster of “Chip & Bernie’s Zomance”

Chip & Bernie’s Zomance is the story of two brother in laws Chip and Bernie who are world renown zombie killers and are loved for their off the wall zombie killings. When the world is taken over by the undead, we learned quickly that training survivors is key to the survival of mankind. A reality show contest is being aired on every station that is still available to survivors. Chip & Bernie compete against five other teams for the grand prize but along the way they realize that their background issues are straining their survival skills. We watch as Chip and Bernie struggle through their friendship and fighting off zombies in my first feature film, Chip & Bernie’s Zomance. Starring Pasquale Murena, Marc Robert and six-time Emmy winner, Tim Conway.

The website features behind the scenes photos of production and movie stills that you can only find here. Gives you the opportunity to decide which team you are more like by comparing their survival, training and fighting skills. It even features our film trailer and hilarious movie clips from the film. You can keep up with our film festival appearances and even contact us if you have any questions.

The website was designed and developed by the award winning and beautiful Autumn Schabert who adds her charm to our site. Share with your friends and let them know how much fun Chip & Bernie’s Zomance is.

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  1. The poster brings back the feelings of the old days, website is nice also. Enjoying the levels of experience the teams have. Waiting for you to upload more clips.

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