iSpotSanta Starts Searching for Santa Claus the World's Best Website for Santa Claus Sightings the World’s Best Website for Santa Claus Sightings

My website is quickly becoming one of the most popular sites on the web to track Santa Claus. On December first of 2011 iSpotSanta started their 3rd year of “25 Days of Santa” where everyday in December leading up to Christmas Day they release an all new Santa Claus Sighting. This year they have already been to the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, the rooftops of Holland, Joshua Tree National Park, Bryce Canyon and recently saw Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer fly Santa though a rain storm at Mount Rushmore.

Not only do they have videos of Santa Claus but they have Santa photos, activities for kids including a Santa Tracker Map, Santa Spotters Binoculars and more. Then on Christmas Eve their website will be updated with the location of Santa Claus up to every 15 minutes via Twitter and Facebook. Santa spotters can update their iSpotSanta Map as they track his location with our state of the art iSpotSanta Tracker.

Videos have already included sketches with special guest star Tim Conway as Dorf in a series of four comedy sketches about how he is on the naughty list for setting Santa’s beard on fire. Chip and Bernie are hanging banners all over the world to help promote iSpotSanta but they have one more banner to hang and this one they want to place on Santa’s sleigh. Using rockets, a trip to the North Pole, electromagnetic technology and just plain old dumb luck they attempt their merry adventure. The AGP Newsroom filled with hilarious, wacky puppets travel the world spotting Santa Claus, lead by the famous news anchor Agrapino G Postumio and field reporter Kent Cook.

Clearly we believe this is the best website to spot Santa Claus and track him on his merry ride this Christmas season, but then again we produce the website. Merry Christmas and we hope you

iSpotSanta Spotted Santa Claus at Neuschwanstein

iSpotSanta spotted Santa Claus at Neuschwanstein

Dorf Helps Out iSpotSanta Every Year

Dorf helps out iSpotSanta every year

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