World’s Greatest Santa Claus app for FREE

I am excited to announce the launch of the iSpotSanta app for your iPhone, iPad, Tablet and ultimately anything that Android or Apple makes to use apps. We have the world famous NP Newsroom with the NP Puppets, the comedy team Chip & Bernie, the hilarious Tim Conway as Dorf and of course Santa Claus! When a iPhone is bought for an 8 year old the app is already installed for them, we are the U2 of Christmas apps and did we mention that it is 100% FREE?

Already excited and can’t wait to download the app? Links below:

Apple app:

Android app:

Track Santa Claus flying all over the world this Christmas season with videos, pictures and comedy sketches from Dorf (Tim Conway), Chip & Bernie and the NP Newsroom of puppets.

Spreading the spirit and joy of Christmas, join Pasquale Murena’s for the holiday event of the season.

iSpotSanta’s official app has Santa Claus Videos, Santa Claus Pictures and a link to Track Santa Claus. Have you ever wanted to catch video of Santa Claus? Well, our video elves on every continent does that for you.

Merry Christmas from everyone at the iSpotSanta headquarters and we hope you enjoy the videos, pictures and spirit and joy of Christmas on the iSpotSanta app.