My New dvd Release of Tim Conway in “The Ultimate Dorf dvd Collection”

DORFUltThumb-360x198ON SALE TODAY for ONLY $14.99

Ever since Tim Conway’s 3-foot pal first made people laugh on “The Carol Burnett Show” people have wanted more Dorf and that is what Tim Conway and I decided to bring viewers with our new dvd release “The Ultimate Dorf dvd Collection.” A special collector’s dvd released by Murena Films and Conway Enterprises Inc.

The World's Greatest dvd Ever!

The World’s Greatest dvd Ever!

We have jam packed every Dorf film ever made including:

  • Dorf on Golf (1987)
  • Dorf and the 1st Games of Mt Olympus (1988)
  • Dorf’s Golf Bible (1988)
  • Dorf Goes Auto Racing (1990)
  • Dorf Goes Fishing (1993)
  • Dorf on the Diamond (2001)
  • Dorf da Bingo King (1996)

Don’t worry, we didn’t stop there!

We wanted to give you Dorf loving people new laughs and we did that by adding six all-new Dorf comedy sketches for you to enjoy. Each sketch features Tim Conway as Dorf, trying to overcome numerous problems and making us laugh as he stumbles to overcome many obstacles. Keep your eyes out for “The Old Man” from “The Carol Burnett Show,” he might just show up in a sketch and give Dorf a slow time. These sketches were all written from the hilarious mind of Tim Conway and my demented mind had the pleasure to co-write four of them with Tim.

Titles include:

Dorf and the Angry FanOur favorite outfielder DORF is not everyone’s favorite baseball player as an angry fan makes this DORF’s longest game ever. Name calling and throwing everything but the kitchen sink distracts DORF from America’s favorite pastime.

Dorf and the ConfessionDORF has worked on many ways to get the upper hand in Bingo, the only problem is he now has to go see the Old Man as the priest and confess all that he has done wrong. DORF tries his best not to get too excited as the Old Man falls asleep, hears the wrong things and forgets where and who he is.

Dorf and the TrialCheating at golf can get you into a heap of trouble and the world’s greatest golf trainer gets no special treatment when he is accused of moving his ball to better his game. DORF gets a hole-in-one with laughs as he is put on trial in this courtroom laugh-fest.

Dorf and the New TogaJoin DORF in the Roman Empire as he prepares to dress in his newly made toga to address his loyal subjects. The only problem is his toga is two times too long and his seamstress is two times too dense to help him.

Dorf and the Tee TimeWinning that first tee time is important to most golfers and that is why DORF gets to the caddy shack many hours before it opens. Too bad the head caddy doesn’t believe in opening early even when DORF tries to bribe, trick and beg his way on the top of the list.

Dorf “Helps” SantaDORF has one job this Christmas, to help deliver all the little boys and girls’ letters to Santa Claus for Will his flying jet pack get him in touch with Santa? How about his postal service cannon? Find out as DORF stumbles his way to “help” save Christmas.

If you think we couldn’t jam any more Dorf into our dvd you are wrong. We added Dorf menus for every film and each Dorf menu is narrated by the diminutive, toupee-wearing Scandinavian himself. 1 of 4 collectible Dorf pictures will be in each dvd and certain lucky buyers will get autographed copies from Tim Conway.

Click on Dorf to buy our new dvd

Click on Dorf to buy our new dvd

“The Ultimate Dorf dvd Collection” is a welcome addition to any household that wants to enjoy good clean family entertainment from six time Emmy winner Tim Conway (but who’s counting?). The films are guaranteed to make you laugh or we will come to your house and clean your windows.

Order your copy of the this laugh fest directly at Not only will you get the best Dorf dvd ever made, Dorf will hand deliver each copy to your house and if you believe that I will be running for president.

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