LEE Filters: Sky Grad Filter Set Review

I know how frustrating it is seeing a beautiful sunrise and not being able to capture it in your photos, it is like being at the In-N-Out drive-thru and then realizing it is Good Friday. Look no further for your solution, get your hands on the Sky Grad Filter Set from LEE Filters and enhance your sunrise and sunset photos. This set is a great start to you LEE filter sky collection, it comes with three 4×6 (100mm x 150mm) resin filters:

Coral Stripe: This is a great filter for creating a warm glow on the horizon, with graduation on top and bottom. It is known as a pinkish warm-up, redder than the popular 81 series filters. Like every LEE filter you can use more than one filter in a picture but this one enhances your pictures to a greater degree in my opinion, because you are able to add color to center of the picture instead of the top or bottom; if desired. I use this on the horizon or across a single object the most.


Coral Strip from Lee Filters

Interestingly, I noticed that if you shoot straight into the setting sun with the Coral Strip filter you will get a great lens flare. So if you like lens flares, try that out.

Coral Stripe lens flare from shooting straight on into the sun

Glare from Coral Strip

Sunset 2: Enhancing the warm tones of the sunset, best used when the sun is just dropping or rising from the horizon. This filter has abut half orange and another quarter of the filter yellow ending is a gradient of clear. I bring this filter down using only the top half of the filter which brings the red out from the entire sky. Great for those palm tree, beach shots you are trying to get.

Sunset 2 filter example

Senset 2 from Lee Filters

Sky Blue 3: A green-blue filter, which is obviously more blue to the naked eye, hence the original name; that ends in another gradient. This filter brings life to those dull color skies that can ruin your photo.


Sky Blue 3 from Lee Filters

The Sky Grad Filter set even comes with what LEE calls a Filter Wrap – a 3 filter pouch made from the same material as the filter cleaning cloth that comes with every LEE filter.

I would recommend this filter set to any photographer or filmmaker that wants to enhance their work, in a later blog I will show you some of the work I have been doing with it on my videocamera. Below is a picture from Tunnel View at Yosemite National Park where I used all three filters at Sunset to get the colors I was looking for.

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    1. Wow… nice shots! I’ve never heard that trick about the red filter, but it relaly does make a difference. The images have such a rich tonality. It’s almost like going from 20 grays to 200 grays.

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