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When I read a review of a company like Full Moon Masks I want the answer of should I or should I not buy from them right up front. Let me put it this way, do you like having money stolen from you, buying below par products and dealing with slow, incompetent customer service? If your answer is yes, then by all means go ahead and buy their products. Full Moon Masks is the reason stores like Spirit Halloween are a blessing, let me tell you the story.

I do NOT recommend Full Moon Masks

I do NOT recommend Full Moon Masks

Gearing up for my first feature film, Chip and Bernie’s Zomance, a film that involves zombies and a lot of campy blood fun I needed a lot of weapons that I could use on actors and not hurt them. (Remember actors are people too.) I wanted a selection of foam props, a baseball bat, a crowbar and a hatchet so I found the Halloween and costume shop  Full Moon Masks.

I placed my order with them, an expensive order but I needed the props so I went ahead and did it. I never got a confirmation and after 3 days I gave them a call, no response so the next day I sent an email and a man by the name of Peter C. replied on the fifth day letting me know that the package will arrive between two weeks. 13 days later, appropriate for a zombie movie, the props arrived. Like a boy on Christmas day I opened my package with joy and saw my beautiful crowbar, lifted it to only find out it was broken. Next the bat! the fiberglass pole that is supposed to run through the center ran through the side. Which meant if an actor was hit with the pole side it would seriously hurt them and drop a few IQ’s.


Pole should be in center for safety

After another few days of emailing back and forth I returned the products with a promise that my shipping money would be returned to me. It’s a large box so the shipping cost more than a few dollars. I got my new products in and never received my refund on the shipping charges. I guess it was my fault that they sent me broken and potentially harmful equipment. Silly me, I should be thankful for them stealing money from me. I need to buy them a thank you letter. Once I examined my new products I realized that they had new issues, scuffs and chips missing on the bat, crooked crowbar and a pinch on the end of the crowbar.

I was not about to send these back for an exchange again because I knew I would never get a refund, mind you this is well over a month of my first date of purchase. I noticed that my new and “improved” props came with a note from Spector Studios, the people that make the products. They told me we are sorry that “you were unsatisfied with your original purchase…” and that “we have not had any negative feedback to date.” I guess I was lucky to get two bad sets of products in a row and to be the first person ever.

I called Spector Studios and talked to Ande M. she explained to me that their products never have issues (even though the last two sets of mine has) and that Peter C. has always been a good client that she has never heard any complaints on (once again I am the lucky first timer but we know that isn’t true because of the posts from Facebook below). She was unhelpful and not willing to replace the products, which I understood because we had a middle man between us.

Ultimately I decided to make my own baseball bat and crowbar to use in Chip and Bernie’s Zomance (World’s Greatest Zombie Film…in my opinion) and I did a much better job than they did. My props had no major flaws in it and was not dangerous to any actors. I also posted a few comments made on FMM’s Facebook page to show you that I wasn’t the only one with problems. I hope this helps you to not waste any money, I lost over $150.00! If you want to see the props we made for Chip and Bernie’s Zomance go to our zombie website and enjoy a few laughs.


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  1. They are simple horrible, screwed me out of money and never even contacted me back. I will never work with them again and I will contact the BBB to make a complaint! I called several times and tried to use their email address. Boo to them.

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