Puppet Making

  • While growing up my room was filled with characters; movie characters, cartoon characters and a lot of puppet characters. Most of these puppet characters were from the mind of Jim Henson including his Muppets, Labyrinth and Sesame Street to name a few. I was and still am intrigued with the way these characters were brought to life and entertained millions from every age group. In 2010, I designed than purchased puppets to perform on my website iSpotSanta to increase the characters on this website.
  • I had a blast doing this and after a few seasons of performing I learned of my limitations. Sometimes I wanted my characters to have bigger noses, scary teeth or widened eyes! I would remove the original facial feature and add my own. Then in January of 2016 I decided it was time to learn to sew and build my own puppets. In this section of my website you’ll be able to see some of the puppets I have created and videos that I have produced with my puppets.