Joining the 2017 FICAIJ Film Festival

My mini-feature “Chip & Bernie Save Christmas with Dorf” was selected to be apart of the 2017 FICAIJ Film Festival, they are located in Mérida, Venezuela. The great part about this film festival is that … Read More

Winston the Rat

This grouchy guy is named Winston the Rat and he is my first professional design puppet. I write, “professional” because he is made the way puppets are for television and motion pictures. He has grips … Read More

Senior Caballero

I loved making this puppet! This is the first time I made the puppet out of two colors and made my very first horns and teeth. I named him Senior Caballero because the colors reminded … Read More

Little Girl Puppet

My niece, Alexa just turned nine and I told her I would make her any puppet she wanted. She told me, “A girl puppet, a pink girl puppet!” I bought two shades of Antron fleece … Read More

Green is the New Black for Puppets

I gave this guy a little potbelly and a melancholy stare. I’m excited about his fur because it was originally straight when I purchased it but I found a way to make it shaggy (new blog coming soon … Read More