iSpotSanta Entertains at Children Film Festivals

Since 2009 I have been writing and producing sketches and short films for my website iSpotSanta and it quickly became a holiday tradition for families around the world. We decided to take our newest short film, “Chip & Bernie Save Christmas: The Christmas Bell” and enter it into a few film festivals. Children’s International Film Festival, CIFF and International Film Festival of Odisha, IFFO are two of the first to screen my short film.

  • Film Description

    iSpotSanta’s world famous Santa Claus spotters Chip and Bernie are asked by Santa Claus to save the day after news reporter Kent Cook gets kidnapped and the Christmas Bell is stolen. With the help of their friend Dorf the Elf (played by 6-time Emmy winner Tim Conway) they go on a magical adventure full of slapstick, fun, suspense and comedy to save Christmas. Without the Christmas Bell Santa will not be able to make his merry ride Christmas Eve, will Chip and Bernie save Christmas or will Christmas be cancelled?

  • Run Time

    39 minutes and 45 seconds

  • Cast

    Marc Robert as Bernie
    Pasquale Murena as Chip
    Tim Conway as Dorf the Elf

Watch “Chip & Bernie Save Christmas: The Christmas Bell”