How to Find Beautiful Walker Canyon poppy fields in California


Walker Canyon


Driving along the 15 free on your way to to Lake Elsinore  you might notice hills of wild flowers along the hills that cover the valley, you might also notice a large amount of bumper to bumper traffic. The traffic is normal but the flowers that make this a scenic drive only happen in Late February up until early April.  This year we haven’t had much of a bloom but if you spend a little time driving around  you will discover golden patches of California poppy fields.

It is easy to get there, cruise down the 15 freeway, take exit Lake Street and on either side of the exit you will find wildflowers but if you are looking for Walker Canyon Road specifically head North and it is your first street.

It’s a great way to get yourself into the spring mode and to practice your floral photography skills. I had a fun time with numerous lenses including two Zeiss lenses 35mm and 50mm and a Tamron 10-24mm Wide Angle.

I hope you get the opportunity to go out there and enjoy part of California’s beauty before the heat comes in and all the flowers are gone. Below are a few of my shots from Walker Canyon.

Beavertail Cactus

Beavertail Cactus

Desert Dandelions

Desert Dandelions

Desert Chicory Surrounded By Notch-leaf Phacelia

Desert Chicory surrounded By Notch-leaf Phacelia


29 Comments on “How to Find Beautiful Walker Canyon poppy fields in California”

  1. I always look forward to the spring time, no matter where I am. Thank you for the directions to find Walker Canyon. I always got lost before.

    1. Thank you! You are allowed to bring dogs there but they discourage having dogs in the field. Every poppy holds seeds for next year so if they get destroyed before the season ends that’s one less poppy for next year. Have a great time! 🙂

  2. I arrived too late. Maybe a better chance next year. 🙂
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