Autumn DVD Giveaway: Tim Conway and Harvey Korman

DVDGiveawayWhat better way to celebrate the Autumn season than with a giveaway with the same beautiful name. This month if you subscribe to my newsletter you will have a chance to win one of two sets of Tim Conway and Harvey Korman in “Together Again” and “The Great Outdoors.” These are two dvd’s I produced and the special features were directed by me a few years back.

All you need to do is subscribe to the right of this blog to be entered, as easy as laughing at Tim and Harvey performing. On October 1st the winners will be contact by email, so good luck!

Together Again features the great live performanceΒ show Tim and Harvey did together for many years, it also features an audio/video commentary by the comedy legends together in their last work together. It’s like getting two performances on the same disk. This DVD also comes with a performance of the famous Dentist sketch from “The Carol Burnett Show.”

Good luck and I hope you win but more importantly enjoy your DVD’s of one of the greatest comedy teams ever.



255 Comments on “Autumn DVD Giveaway: Tim Conway and Harvey Korman”

    1. Love these guys used to love watching them on the Carol Burnett Show they were way way too funny

  1. OMG I grew up watching these guys trying not to crack each other up!!
    I would SO cherish these videos!

  2. I would love to by these DVDs not to high though im not rich Do you said copies of the show I love them you two are so funny together

  3. My Grandchildren have no idea what real comedy is about ..until they see Tom Comedy Conway they never will….i’m hoping to share..

  4. Two Legends together that make the world a better place. Laughing is good for health and it is the best stress reliever. You always keep us smiling

  5. I’m from Willoughby Hills and worked near Chagrin Falls in Bentleyville. Met you at The Little Theatre a few years ago. These videos would certainly round out The Tim Conway Experience that is my life.

  6. Grew up watching them on The Carol Burnett Show. Actually met Mr. Conway in Vegas once, one of the nicest guy’s ever.

    1. I love Tim and Harvey. I would way ch everday if I could. These ywo guys make me laugh till I have to pee
  7. I have been looking for YEARS for a Tim Conway and Harvey Korman DVDS!!! (Since the days of VHS!)

  8. I love you guys remember being young and watching you on the carol burnette show.
    you all where awesome loved and cherish the laughs you gave me .

  9. There was nothing in this world funnier than when these two guys were together. Would so love this.

  10. It was impossible not to laugh whenever Tim and Harvey were together … for us as well as them. They were so funny that they cracked each other up as much as they did us. I loved it!

  11. These were the ONLY two men who could consistently make my Dad crack-up! Miss my Dad, miss watching these two wonderful men on television too!

  12. Just love these guys!! There is no comedy duo that could replace these guys, they are second to none!! Would love to share this true humor with my teenage son!!

  13. Ah h the wonderful memories, it was always an even better Carol Burnett show when Tim Conway joined the cast. I would be honored to win a copy. Or if I don’t win how can we purchase?

    • This is great! I loved watching these guys with my mom and dad, we’d end up giggling nonstop during their skits! πŸ™‚
  14. Love Harvey and Tim Conway. Especially the dentist skit when Tim goes crazy from numbness. Always love Apple dumpling gang.

  15. I’m almost 50, my youngest child is 15 we sit and watch the infomercial of the carol burnet show together and actually laugh together!! Good clean fun especially when the two of you were together!!! We need more tv like this now!

  16. I grew up laughing like crazy at the comedic genius of Tim & Harvey. It would be so great to laugh with them again watching these new DVD’s. Thanks so much.

  17. Tim Conway, alone, or teamed up with Don Knotts… Carol Burnett… Harvey Korman…
    Frankenstein… or the Invisible Man cracks me up… especially the dentist that numbs himself instead of the patient.
    Tim has ALWAYS been “wet yer pants f-u-n-n-y!”

  18. Wonderful memories of family time watching these two try to outwit each other. Would love to share with my kids and grandkids.

  19. Hey Tim, If by some chance I do win…I will share the dvd’s with you… how’s that?? hahaha

  20. they both made me laugh so much the good old days they don’t have good ones like theses guys anymore

  21. I grew up with you guys and Carol Burnett. I’d make a copy for myself and give originals to my parents! And maybe I’d send you one too!

    • These guys are too funny to be reading from a script. Both are genius when it comes to funny. Thanks for all the laughs over the years.
  22. I love these two guys. Growing up we always watched them. I still laugh until I cry. Funny men who didn’t have to be vulgar to be hilarious. Truly gifted.

  23. I love Tim and Harvey. They make me laugh uncontrollably. I would truly love copies of these DVD’s. I could watch them over and over.

  24. Tim, you’re the funniest man who’s ever stepped on a stage. You don’t even have to speak; your expressions crack me up. Whether with Harvey, Don Knotts, or Borgnine, your work is genius.

  25. You and the Carol Burnett crew were a rainbow in the midst of a very stormy childhood. Thank You!

  26. These two guys are the funniest ever!!! Watched them on the Carol Burnett Show!!!! That is what comedy is supposed to be!

  27. Met Harvey and he and Tim are the best pair I have ever seen…. Thanks so much for the good times…

  28. Two of the funniest comedians in my lifetime,thanks you for the many laughs and memories,if there is a comedian Hall of Fame,they should be in it

  29. You and Harvey are two of the funniest men I have ever seen. The both of you, set the standard for some of the better comedians of today!!! I hope you know how much all that laughter has meant so much to so many people!!!!

  30. I have loved your brand of humor since day one and the way u can make Harvey convulsive in laughter is and was amazing you are a genuine American treasure and I hope to see more for years to come ty Tim:)))

  31. There are few people in this world that I would love to meet and talk to but Tim Conway is one of the few. He and his comedy have been a bright spot in my day many times over.

  32. Tim and Harvey are just really Lucy and Ethel in disguise!! Hehehehe. – I’d love to win their DVD’s!

  33. Your comedy is to me the best belly laughing possible…I actually still laugh at the reruns when I see them..over and over. Thank you.

  34. I grew up watching The Carol Burnett Show and The Bob Newhart Show. They shaped my sense of humor. Still far funnier than anything that’s come after.

  35. loved watching you guys in my younger days…probably when you first started..I could never stop laughing I never knew what the next neat spill would take place…you guys have never grew old, your stuff is still funny ..I HOPE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE WELL AND HAPPY..THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU GAVE, FOR ALL THOSE YEARS..AND I REALLY AM HAPPY YOU ARE ON MY FACEBOOK..WHAT A THRILL!! HUGS AND MUCH LOVE..YOUR FAN DORIS DANIELS KERNS

  36. This was when Comedy was Comedy without all the vulgarity and Political Correctness. Great Familt Entertainment!!

  37. One of the few shows our parents allowed us to watch while we were growing up. Absolutely love the show! And sure…I would share them with you! Lol

  38. Love watching Tim and Harvey! Takes all your troubles away!
    Laughter is the best medicine!
    These two can sure make you laugh!

  39. Tim and Harvey, watched then for years. The one thing my father and I agree on and watch together πŸ™‚

  40. I grew up watching both of these men in reruns and recently online videos. I enjoy everything Tim Conway does. These two actors are great with each other. 8)

    1. I grew up watching both of these men in reruns and recently online videos. I enjoy everything Tim Conway does. These two actors are great with each other.

  41. I grew up watching The Carol Burnett Showit was hilarious what you guys are doing I miss the show always trying to crack each other up funniest part

  42. You better let ME win Mr. Tudball, or I’ll sic Mrs.(Zuh)Wiggins on you!!! Grrrr! πŸ˜‰

  43. Please autograph it for me! If you prefer, I’ll be happy to swap autographs with you! I really would love to win this DVD. I never missed you two. You made me cry more than laugh. I laughed so hard, it turned to tears!!!! Thank you for the great entertainment!

  44. I used to sneak out of my room and sit on the stairs so I could listen to the Carol Burnette Show on tv when it was past my bedtime. I loved you and Harvey and all of your antics.

  45. Love Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. Their antics have given so much laughter and joy. Thanks

  46. I missed you at Ghoulardifest last year. Why don’t you do the Woollybear Festival this year?

  47. i enjoyed seeing u both on the Carol Burnett Show. I believe I would enjoy these DVDS very much

  48. The happiest most laugh filled moments of my life were spent watching Tim and Harvey and Dorf thank you for the tears of joy and laughter!

  49. You guys always deliver! You make us laugh a good laugh. A laugh that relieves stress. Thank you so much for you humor and entertainment.

  50. I laughed so hard with my parents when I was little n we would watch you all on tv. Ive been going thru a rough divorce and guess who I have been watchin you all. I would live to keep on watching n have a set for me n my kiddos. Thankyou sooo juch. Much love for all the laughter! Melissa

  51. Loved watching everything you guys did on television! You were an amazing comedic-genius team!!! β™‘

  52. We love Tim & Harvey. Sometimes we watch the informercials just to see them at their funniest. Would really love to win this

  53. I love Tim Conway and Harvey Korman they are so funny, I watched them as a child and I still watch then every chance I get. Thank you for the wonderful years of laughter and entertainment πŸ™‚

  54. Made my day when I discovered Tim Conway on Facebook. He has been a constant presence in my life and was I ever glad to continue that via Facebook. I love to laugh and Tim Conway ALWAYS made me laugh. Watching Tim & Harvey was THE GREATEST thing ever!

  55. I would love to have one of the DVD’s as there is nothing better for a pick me up than watching Tim and Harvey.

  56. Love Tim and Harvey every time I watch the two of them together I would laugh till I cried!

  57. The best comedians in the world. They have created the best clean skits ever. New comedians could learn how to be funny without being crass from these 2.

  58. Tim Conway is a LEGEND in comedy! Every one of Tim’s performances brought memorable laughs which last a lifetime!

  59. These 2 are the funniest comedians I have ever seen. I loved watching them on the Carol Burnett Show each week. Watching them brings back wonderful memories of my childhood!!

  60. best pick me upper of the past, present, and future. these two are in my daily regimen right with devotions couldn’t live without the great humor and wonderful outlook they give me!

  61. Grew up watching these guys, sometime I go on you tube and watch the old Carol Burnett shows. I can just imagine what their wives had to go thru, lol.

  62. Anyone who watched these two on TV when they were kids, witnessed GREAT comedy that was appropriate for the entire family. It was funny and there was never a “Beep”!

  63. Laughter is THE best medicine! Tim and Harvey have been curing disease and sickness for years! The trick is not to watch the News before you go to bed – just watch these guys and go to bed with silliness and happiness in your heart!

  64. Thee two of you have brought me the BIGGEST and BEST laughs of anyone else ever!! God Blessed you both with a great sense of how to make peoples hearts light with fun.
    Thank you so very much. It would be an honor to win these DVD’s..
    Angel hugs and love

  65. I loved it when Harvey couldn’t keep a straight face when you took off on your comedy. You guys was the Laurel and Hardy and Abbott and Costello of the 70’s and still are now by the reruns they still show clips of. And You got a great start when you was in McHale’s Navy Still the funnest series of all time .. Thank You for the YEARS of laughter you have gave out ..

  66. I have loved watching you since I don’t remember when. McHales Navy! Yes, THAT is when. You stole the show – certainly every scene you were in. When that show was on, my dad made sure everyone didn’t bother him. It was the only tv show he’d sit through (football or basketball he’d sleep through).

    I hope I win. Oh boy do I hope I win!!

  67. I’ve always loved Tim Conway! With Harvey Korman as a sidekick, they are awesome. I spent many evenings checking out their comedy in Chicago.

  68. Some of my favorite comedy moments involved Harvey Korman and Tim Conway epically failing to not laugh when the other one was trying to do just the opposite! Since here in Canada, we so seldom get reruns of the Carol Burnett Show, I’d love to have an Autumn DVD on hand during the seemingly endless Winter!

  69. I could watch these guys everyday….. Throw Carol Burnett in w/them and it would be a complete day….

  70. I love you and Harvey. There is always a laugh there. I just had to go on disability. And its killing me. I’ve always been a hard worker. Now I need all the laughs I can get. Love you guys.

  71. You both have brightened many days with your great talent!! Love to laugh and you have made us laugh so much that we cried!! πŸ˜‰ Thanks so much! Love ya!

  72. I love them grew up watching Carol Burnett and them every infomercial I watch still crack me up πŸ™‚

  73. I always wanted to see them do this onstage and never got to before Harvey Korman died. What a funny pair of guys! I would love to have these dvds, which would be the next best thing to having seen it live…

  74. appreciate the CLEAN humor. no cursing, no crudeness just funny. you are the best Tim and when you worked with Harvey you upped the funny X1000

  75. These two gentlemen have given so much of themselves to make so many of us Happy. We have been blessed. Marie Goodson

  76. There will never be anyone better than Tim and Harvey!!! I grew up on them and at 54 years old, still love to rewatch and rewatch and rewatch!!!!!!

  77. It’s fun to watch how each one of you tries to crack the other one up during a skit. It’s priceless.

  78. My husband and I have laughed harder at Tim’s wise cracking and Harvey’s cracking up than anything else. There’s nothing today to match that humor.

  79. Tim and Harvey were a great comedic team, up there with the likes of Abbott & Costello, Jerry and martin, Laurel & Hardy… Love them!!

  80. Just subscribed to the newsletter to enter this giveaway….<3 them both so much! Good luck, everyone!

  81. Tim, in the world of comedy, you stand alone at the top. Your the best with no competition. Well, unless you include Harvey Korman, he too was the best. You two
    together were the funniest…actually, Don Knotts was just as funny. So, you, Harvey and Don were the very best. Oh, and we have to include Carol Burnett is this conversation, shes the best also. And lets not forget your good friend Ernest Borgnine, he too was the best. Ok Tim, lets just say your one of the best.
    When I manage to make people in my life laugh, they ask me where I get my sense of humor. I simply reply, Tim Conway. Thanks for fifty years of making me laugh. Paul

  82. We need more laughter in this world… and these two brilliant actors/comedians are the best there is. Thanks, guys!

  83. OMG….love y’all! Would live to have these to add to my collection…love sharing y’all with the next generations!!!!

  84. the most funny times in life is always watching tim trying to crack Harvey up and Harvey never knowing when it was coming and start laughing before hand

  85. Oh I would also love to have your dvd’s need to show my kids and grandchildren what real comedy is.

    • I have loved you since I got to meet you at my friends parent’s tavern in Chagrin Falls, you brought my parents and I so many happy smiles through the years, thank you so very much!!!
  86. Two who should of been twins. When first saw y’all’s first act together,it was one that made me a lifetime friend of your clean yet funny comedy, no foul language yet delivered for side-splitting laughter. R.I.P. HARVEY

  87. Two of the most amazing comedians I have ever seen. It always makes my day when I see these two together.

  88. So happy to have turned my daughters (14, 12, and 12) on to Conway, Korman, Burnette and Lawrence! It tickles me that I catch them searching for their YouTube clips when they could be looking at the crap kids tend to watch today. Thanks for the belly laughs through the years!

  89. It didn’t matter what the skit was, the funniest part was watching the two of them trying not to laugh at themselves. You just couldn’t help but laugh with them. Always brought a smile to your face. Love these guys.

  90. Tim is one of the last great comic that never had to work blue to make you laugh thank you for over 50 years of laughter

  91. When I was little, my dad, mom and myself would gather around the TV and watch the Carol Burnett show. Well, they’d watch, I was usually the one adjusting the rabbit ears! lol It’s one of the few times, with my dad’s job, he got to sit and relax and laugh. Thank you for amazing memories.

  92. I love watching Tim Conway and Harvey Korman perform together. Having these DVDs would be a treat!

  93. I loved your show with Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman! You were all so fantastic and funny. Even the bloopers, they were more funny. I thought you all would wet yourselves trying to get through some of the skits. This was so hilarious! Thanks for so many years of entertainment. Love and miss you, pat

  94. I tried to submit an entry 5 times when it first came out a few weeks ago. I LOVE Tim Conway especially teamed up with Harvey Korman. Brings back great memoriea and lots of tearful laughing!!

  95. Love them. Watched them from when I was a little girl. I think Tim is just the funniest man of all time.

  96. I watched u guys back them, Tim is my facebook friend and I watch u on u-tube. please pick me. they will go to a good home and when my grand children are older, I will share what great comedy really is. u must be a great person to have as a friend, husband, dad, and omg a grandfather.

  97. The world needs more of you….especially these days!!! Thank you for sharing so much joy!!!!!

  98. This was the best comedy ever – I feel I grew up in the best time for comedy and TV shows compared to TV. Loved the way Tim could crack up everyone.

  99. I guess you could say I was the nerdy kid, because I loved watching these guys rather than cartoons.

  100. You can see in everyone of those tremendously funny skits, Mr. Conway strives to get Harvey off guard and make him lose his control and fight to ‘not laugh’ Tim usually ‘piles’ it on him then, and that’s what creates such Comedic masterpieces Thank both of you guys for all the aching sidesplitting funny moments

  101. I love you guys – good chemistry among all of you on Carol’s show! Thanks for all the years of laughter!!

  102. Always loved these guys, funny story> my brother has always resembled Tim Conway, so much so it would take family to tell them apart. A few years back my wife and I were at a dinner given by some friends, and I was introduced to this gentleman. I looked at him and said, do you know who you look like? His reply- yea yea I look like Tim Conway. No, you look like my Brother . Astounding!

  103. Best memories of watching these two guys. My dad And I would sit together watching them and we’d laugh till we cried. Would love to win these DVDs and pass along To MY kids. This is what REALLY COMEDY is.

  104. My childhood would have been much less rich without the two of you! Much love and hoping to win!!! In my adulthood I need you both just as much! Love your posts Tim!

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