Astrophotography with Fireworks


Happy fireworks

All packed up and ready to see fireworks my family and friends head out in 5 different cars. Destination was the local fireworks show but not in the park where the show was but behind the park where there will be no traffic and we will still be close. Oh yay, sounds great! Problem was my sister’s boyfriend gave us all directions and only his car made it to the correct location. All the other cars were in different locations, I think one of them were in a different state.

Either way my car was not close at all to the fireworks but it gave me a chance to take some long distance shots of fireworks and capture the stars. Sometimes an error makes for the best photos, how many close up shots of fireworks do I need? Fireworks with the stars? That was something new, remember when you are out there trying to get a certain shot and it doesn’t work try something else.

You have to find a good combination of settings, the right amount of exposure, ISO and aperture for the fireworks and night sky. I used 8.0 sec;   f/11;   ISO 1250, it seemed to have worked the best. The fireworks weren’t too bright, I got good trails and the the stars were still there.

Here are the shots I liked the most, stars were hard to see but I still got them, if you look closely to the 2nd photo you can see fireworks from another town on the bottom center.


Stars and fireworks


You can see the Big Dipper

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