Green is the New Black for Puppets

I gave this guy a little potbelly and a melancholy stare. I’m excited about his fur because it was originally straight when I purchased it but I found a way to make it shaggy (new blog coming soon … Read More

Puppets for Children

Here are a few puppets that I made recently for some kids in the family and friend’s kids. A good way for me to practice new looks and patterns but most importantly I get to see them … Read More

Mister Abominable

Mister Abominable is my new half asleep, half ready to sleep puppet made of faux fur. I was lucky to find a small piece of white 2″ fur that was just enough for 1 puppet. … Read More

Making Ping Pong Balls into Puppets Eyes

The most important feature of a puppet is the eyes, the eyes make or break a puppet. One of the most popular and easiest ways to make eyes for puppets is with ping pong balls because they are available at your local store…

Harper the Mouse

Welcome to the puppet world Harper the Mouse! I’m excited about this guy because I learned a lot while designing and making him. I’m proud of the way he came out. I used 2″ faux … Read More