Furry Orange Monster – Faux Fur Tips

Since my first puppet in January of this year I have learned a few more tips and tricks about puppet making. One tip was how to take ping pong balls and make them into puppet eyes, you can see the tutorial I made on that here. This Furry Orange Monster is my first puppet made out of faux fur and I am naming him Mr. Q. I promise to create many more puppets out of fur because I loved working with that medium. I did learn a few tips that I wanted to share with you on how to sew faux fur.

Working with Faux Fur Tips

  • Trace your pattern on the back

    Flip the fur over and trace your pattern on the back of the fur. this makes it easier to see your pattern.

  • Use a Razor

    To avoid cutting the fur and making an unnecessary avoid using scissors and use a razor instead.

  • A Larger Stitch

    To avoid breaking needles and your thread bunching up use larger gaps in your stitches compared to normal.

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