Winston the Rat

This grouchy guy is named Winston the Rat and he is my first professional design puppet. I write, “professional” because he is made the way puppets are for television and motion pictures. He has grips … Read More

Senior Caballero

I loved making this puppet! This is the first time I made the puppet out of two colors and made my very first horns and teeth. I named him Senior Caballero because the colors reminded … Read More

Little Girl Puppet

My niece, Alexa just turned nine and I told her I would make her any puppet she wanted. She told me, “A girl puppet, a pink girl puppet!” I bought two shades of Antron fleece … Read More

Green is the New Black for Puppets

I gave this guy a little potbelly and a melancholy stare. I’m excited about his fur because it was originally straight when I purchased it but I found a way to make it shaggy (new blog coming soon … Read More